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    Shanghai Pubu Information Technology LLC. is a company established to "make connection easier." Our goal is to connect people, connect people and information, connect people and the world, and form an integrated vision of people, information, and the world. On the one hand, we help our customers' information flow better. On the other hand, we help our customers connect the world better. Waterfall firmly believes that every product can be a better experience. We will be for the user experience to achieve the heart.
    We have PUBU instant communication system. The main goal is to help users better connect. It includes the following features: integrating various systems to help users organize information and reduce information silos; better instant messaging experience to achieve fast communication.
    Our company, Xunmao LLC., is mainly engaged in providing network acceleration business for users based on network optimization experience, helping users to better connect to the virtual network world by establishing globalized international network interconnection automatic routing and link optimization mechanisms and strategies to optimize users' local access to the game experience.
    Our company STARBUFFER PTE LTD, the goal is to build a SaaS(software-as-a-service) platform for connecting information, by providing quality software online services to strengthen the connections, interaction, and interaction between people and information

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